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Langwood ApiaryEarly in my life I read the book “The Life of the Bee” by M. Maeterlinck and fell in love with this fascinating creature. This interest stayed with me all my life and naturally led me to learning more about honey bees and the role they played in human history. “Apis mellifera” is a honeybee. Since ancient times, it has been known to man as a manufacturer of the most valuable food product – honey and as a unique natural pharmacist and healer.

The term “apitherapy” refers to the treatment of human and animal by natural beekeeping products, such as honey, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, pollen and “bee bread”, wax, “wax cappings”, honeycombs, bee and drone brood. Apitherapy is not an approved form of treatment in the USA, however there is a limited number of drugs using bee products which are approved by FDA. The therapeutic effect of bee products is based on biologically active, disinfecting and energy providing substances, mineral salts, micro elements, vitamins and some unidentified biologically active agents. The final effect of their use is the result of a complex and cumulative effect on the human body.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that many bee products and medicinal preparations made on their basis are not targeting and fighting a specific disease, but rather their action is mostly aimed at increasing the overall resistance of the human body, the mobilization of the immune system in opposition to aggression of painful factors. That is why prescriptions of bee products for treating various diseases are very similar. This site visitor will find information on indications and contraindications to the use of bee products, on the prevention of possible complications of their use and the provision of emergency assistance in case of their occurrence. Each presented bee product will have instructions of its use for therapeutic purposes in its pure form and in combination with other beekeeping products and medicinal plants.

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All our products are sold with the understanding that “Langwood Apiary LLC” is not rendering a medical advice. It is buyer’s obligation to evaluate their own medical needs, to determine whether specific medical advice is required, and, where necessary, to seek the service of a qualified health-care professional.