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Health and WellnessWhen we are young and healthy we rarely see medical professionals. As we get older and in cases of illness our visits to the doctor can become frequent. This is when we should take a closer look at our medical choices and start asking ourselves all sorts of questions:

  • Do our medical professionals look healthy?
  • Are they able to successfully treat and cure themselves with what they have available to them in sophisticated equipment, the abundance of new procedures, tests and drugs?
  • Why do so many drugs, approved by FDA, often have side effects worse than the disease being treated?
  • Why is it that after continually introducing so many synthetic new drugs to the market that the number of known diseases keeps growing and is not reduced significantly or completely eradicated?

We are not trying to give answers to all of the above questions. We believe that a more rewarding and productive approach is to learn from the experience of our ancestors who used natural cures for thousands years and combine those cures with today’s medicine.

The advances of the pharmaceutical science and industry in recent decades, the introduction of new methods of treatment, the rapid receipt of good results of treatment significantly restrain apitherapy. However, along with this, a patient often might have many reasons to use apitherapy as an alternative to drug therapy and as the main treatment method. These reasons are as follows:

  • high price of modern medicines;
  • intolerance to drugs (allergies, toxic manifestations, dysbacteriosis);
  • non-rationality of chemotherapy use in case of mild forms of disease;
  • desire to use for treatment natural substances and products.

Apitherapy has received sufficient scientific substantiation and confirmation by experiments of apitherapists in many countries and rightfully should occupy an important place in modern clinical practice.

Treatment with beekeeping products is usually a long process that requires patience and perseverance from both the doctor and the patient. Apitherapy is not expected to have a quick and dramatic effect. Opposite to the effect of many modern treatments the effect of apitherapy treatment increases gradually and the achieved results last longer.

In USA medical schools very little attention is paid to the use of bee products for medicinal purposes. Doctor’s do sometimes receive information about apitherapy from monographs and scientific publications mostly published outside of USA.

History of Beekeeping

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